Famous rap singer and record producer Kanye West, never cover up his love of fashion, not only at his own expense through the latest fashion trends, New York, Paris shows observation is always within blogs, talk about the design concept of each big fashion brands. He also announced that he will come into fashion to become an "intern".
On January 22nd, Kanye West Louis vuitton handbags outlet creative director Marc Jacobs and appeared in Paris menswear in 09 autumn/winter, Kanye West of Louis Vuitton design new shoes. Earlier in January, Kanye West has showed a pair of white sneakers for the brand design. Expect the whole series will be in June when on sale at the Louis vuitton store!
Last year, the entertainment industry has been rumored Kanye West is about to enter Louis Vuitton (LV) as interns. Celebrities as interns, should from the hockey team "Dallas Star (Dallas Star)" Star player Sean Avery Vouge magazine when interns start to the United States. Sean Avery into fashion magazines, there are a lot of people are Shouting inconceivable, won the the journal of the American people elected one of the sexiest man alive 2007, fascinating muscled, unexpectedly like those things "bitch"?
Have great opportunity so when Kanye West,Louis vuitton handbags outlet into the fashion world as interns, many people began to question him, will have "music" removed from the list of favorites, "I didn't and music completely cutting", Kanye West said, "what will you do in the future I just music time moved to the weekend."
For next year to launch his personal brand "Past" Tell, Kanye West don't give up any can the opportunity to learn, "I just do what I can learn more knowledge about fashion", become a fashion designer for Kanye West, is not very difficult, "for a long time, I have been in the painting design, but also on the design of some formal curriculum, but finally gave up the design because of the music. I am attaches great importance to this matter, fashion Louis vuitton handbags outlet design and my brand, will not only make my name on the label."
"I will continue to try and learn, until it is qualified to be a fashion designer", Kanye West said, "after all, fashion design is my life most want to do."
On January 22nd, Kanye West (left) and LV creative director Marc Jacobs (right) in menswear in Paris, 09 autumn and winter. Marc classmates wear skirts, and his new design Louis vuitton graffiti leggings
Kanye West enthusiasm for fashion is good, in fact, he and his favorite brand of Louis Vuitton has already begun for cooperation: in New York, Louis Vuitton store at 30 years old birthday party, he not only, also designed in collaboration with the brand of men's shoes.
His design to design a genius Marc Jacobs also amazing, more admire Kanye West love for fashion design. "Kanye West to the office more times than I," Marc Jacobs said, "he is really love sneakers." In 2009, Kanye West designed for Louis vuitton handbags outlet paragraphs 5 shoes, the most notable is that a pair of red shoes. "LV men's characteristic, this season is to make men are very pretty to wear, feel the body is very thick," Kanye West said, "I also add that elements in my design, make sneakers rear looks like a tongue."
Marc Jacobs said: "he is very good. Everyone in the company I would be happy to let him join in."
In 2009, he rose flower graffiti in Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags, as a limited edition, for the global top shop window. By Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs prestige, to commemorate the anniversary of Louis vuitton handbags outlet five art show has opened in New York, the theme of "Martian rock".
Can to seniority, Martian wants fashion river's lake, Marc Jacobs is still a footman.